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Why TV series are in Trend Now

Thousands of good quality TV series are bursting the American market. The result is due to the development that has narrowly focused on the series. The TV series from Breaking Bad, Broadwalk Empire, Mad Men, catastrophe imdb, Game of Thrones, Big Bang theory and the long list goes on. TV series has been prone to numerous upgrades. The results can be seen in the series that possess high-quality videos.

  1. Lights, Camera, and Quality

The TV series that target a narrow audience with intelligent niche are grabbing the most attention. The success of the TV series is closely associated with the development of technology and the increase in the fragments of American television viewers. There is now a wide variety of channels and the number of TV series has increased than ever before.

  1. Competition with movies

In the past, movies were considered superior to the TV series. But this perception has taken a new stage now. The arrival of the new millennium, the TV series, has acquired their place in high culture as during the 1940s and 1950s. TV series are now being accepted as a narrative art once again. Honor for the TV series productions has grown definitely. Watch catastrophe imdb, now TV series are made without by big shots of the movie business without causing many doubts. We can all see that TV series are running well on NETFLIX, Amazon Prime and YouTube. It is a matter of time to know how long the trend will last.

  1. 121.6 million viewers of M*A*S*H

The challenge that every TV series faces is that of limited viewers. M*A*S*H was the only episode where the TV series had the highest viewers in the year of 1983. Similarly, The Sopranos had 11.9 million viewers, and every episode of Mad Men had about three million viewers. The ratings for the TV series receive the most hype on the domestic market are around two to three million. This may seem low, but it doesn’t mean it has low quality.

The cable channels have adopted business models that make sure that they don’t have to depend on the ratings to soar high for the finances to workout. They are also no less than any networks. Their only concern is to gain high subscribers and not about selling commercial slots.

At the moment, cable channels have the lead and the network channels are playing the second level. This is because the cable channels decide the style and narrative methods and they also decide on the most popular series, this then will be copied by the network channels. Watch catastrophe imdb on either Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube. The network channels also need to follow a large set of rules and regulations. They are prohibited from showing nudity or using expletives.